What to Expect During Treatment

Prior to Treatment

We will review your past medical history, discuss ketamine, go over your treatment plan, and review the risks and benefits of the procedure. We will answer all your questions, so you are informed and feel comfortable. If medical clearance is indicated, we can discuss and plan for this. We can also order any testing if required.

Reduce Your Stress

We ask all our patients to try to limit stressful situations and conflicts prior to beginning ketamine infusion treatments. We can help you with stress reducing techniques and suggestions. Perhaps turning off the news, or taking a break from the phone, enjoying nature, listening to music or guided meditations may be helpful. Patients who do this have proven to have better outcomes if they are less stressed when they begin treatments.

During Your Infusion

The experience is different for each patient. We take all the time needed to explain what you can expect. For most patients the following applies: you will be sitting in a comfortable reclining chair attached to a cardiac monitor that will monitor and record your vital signs automatically throughout the duration of the infusion. We will insert a tiny catheter in your arm, or hand, and begin the IV infusion process. An infusion pump is used to accurately infuse the ketamine based on dosing. For higher ketamine dose infusions, we will give you medication to prevent side-effects and relax you. When the infusion is completed, you will relax for about 20 – 30 minutes before you can leave and be driven home.

We encourage a family member or a friend to be with you during your treatment. This can be comforting and helpful, however we leave this personal decision up to you.

Driving is not allowed during the day of the infusion, and we recommend driving only after a full night’s sleep. Many patients take an Uber or car service for transportation to and from the office. Public transportation is not recommended.